Financial Services

Gold Medal Services

Investment Planning

Fiduciary Standard: We commit to always act in your best interests

Fee-Based: Our compensation is structured so that when you succeed we succeed

Personalized: Each investment portfolio is built towards your specific goals and purposes

Independent: We operate 100% free of any proprietary products

Comprehensive: Additional guidance on assets “held away” from our firm including 401(k)/IRA assets

Diligence: Continual monitoring of your investments, allocations and strategies

Coordinated: Increasing your future net worth is top of mind in all planning considerations

Client Services & Communication

Semi-Annual or Annual Client Reviews: This is the backbone of all of our financial services

Monthly Newsletters: Timely and effective tax and financial strategies in an easy to read format

Purposeful Educational Events: Economic, market and tax planning events help keep you in the know

High End Client Appreciation Events: We foot the bill and you can even bring a friend or two

Gold Medal Services

Retirement Income & Distribution Planning

Social Security Distribution Strategies: Detailed modeling of Social Security distributions options

Income Planning: Helps improve timing and sequence of various distribution techniques

Coordinated Strategies: We create multiple “What If” scenarios to help optimize every step

Qualified Charitable Distributions: If you are charitably inclined, we know how to help

Proactive Tax Planning

Tax Bracket Management: Extended tax modeling helps reduce both current and future taxes

Annual Tax Return Review: Identify and act upon current year’s potential tax saving opportunities

Qualified Plans: Analyze, advise and implement small business qualified plans

Roth Conversion Strategies: Help minimize future Required Minimum Distribution taxes

Family Wealth Planning

Estate Plan Analysis: Review wills and trusts in light of your current financial plan*

Estate Tax Modeling: Helps reduce or eliminate estate taxes

Distribution Solutions: Guidance as to when and how your heirs receive their potential inheritance 

Family Assistance at Death: Coordinate with your heirs for proper estate distribution*

Annual Beneficiary and Heir Reviews: Helps keep your estate plan current and up to date*

*This service does not include any formal legal work. Updating or creating legal documents is done through our in house attorney or your own attorney if applicable. Separate fees may apply.