Employer Sponsored Qualified Plans

// Qualified Plans

Employer Sponsored Plans

A qualified plan such as a 401(k), SEP, SIMPLE or other similar plan, is an extremely important and critical retirement and employee retention tool. Utilizing a trained Ashworth Retirement Specialist can become a key benefit to both yourself as well as to your employees. Our Advisors are specifically trained not only on the day to day fiduciary management of qualified plans but also to help plan participants focus on academically sound investing principles. Our Ashworth Advisors can help you effectively navigate both sides.

Employer’s View

Employee’s View

To have a qualified plan accomplish it’s long-term purposes, both viewpoints need to be addressed. It isn’t enough just to put your plan on autopilot. 

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// Qualified Plans

Sample Plan Options

401(k) Plan

One of the most common plan options


Great for budget conscious startups

SEP Plan

Designed for companies with very few employees

Cash Balance 401(k) Combo

Dramatically expands contribution limits, can allow almost $330,000 for a 60 year old (As of 01-01-2021)

403(B)/457 Plan

Designed for non-profits and government agencies


Allows for company stock ownership inside plan

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